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I offer Softwaredevelopment of complete software solutions, Projectmanagement and Management Consulting. First Development Project in 1985, First company application during 1994 - 1996. First Project Management project and complete Project Outsourcing in the years 1994 - 2000. My company is helping people, employees and companies to reach their business/private goals as service company including it services, software development, project management, and outsourcing it services. Furthermore, companies in other business branches (Not in Management Consulting, Consulting and IT Services) will be foundet when the IT-Area is growing now.

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IT Area

Outsourcing of complete IT-Projects + Project Management Software migration to new technologies
Standard Software and OEM Products + Use cases of my company Technical support forum (Free) and coming soon
Supplier of my company in the IT Area

Other business divisions (only the public information)

Marketing Projects Logistics Projects
Worldwide Financial results of my business group
Patents / Company license activities Healthcare Food
Green Energy for my company and other people1 Bank + Assurance

My Web Projects

A Search Engine to find relevant Information:
This search engine is based on my Concept and new Idea of a non existing
system during the years (university) - 1994. This version has the page ranking deactivated.

Company Software - Officetogether:
To invest into my Charity Foundation or my Wishdreams Foundation, please contact me by mail for further information. My WishDreams foundation is already running since the year 2004 (website creation). The idea has been born, when I did study, and this does good things.

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