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Energy markets:

Global Co2 Emissions

The solar, hydroelectric and solar energy is increasing since some years (from the percentage).

My company group is part and member of the global green industry since the year 2004 - 2005.
I am interested into building and maintaining, when the global revenue exceeds 70 - 100B,
alternative energy buildings as for example solar energy power stations for example. My company group
as part of the green energy industry will invest into solar energy and use this energy
company while growing. Furthermore, the plans are to sell energy and to 
build use this currency to maintain offices and datacenters globally with solar power 
stations too while growing. Until 2055, my company group will 
build and maintain wind energy and solar energy buildings around the world
and will provide for companies and private people with 
at least 30% of the global green energy (30-50% of the complete electric current from solar and wind energy).

My company is not interested in Nuclear power. Reason: Radiation is too dangerous, and the
radioactive half-life takes too long. 

Oil and Gas: My company is supporting this industry.
Global energy market situation, and percentage of energy. Solar energy currency. My company is interested itself too into building for example such a thing, when the revenue of the group is high enough.

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