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Data by industry:

Energy markets - 40-50%
Verarbeitung - 20%
Households - 20%
Cars - 20$

Ideas to do:
Cars reduce amount of need of oil massively to 5-7l/100km. Important is the mass market, not the luxury cars market, that only produces a small percentage of cars.
Industry: upgrade industries reduce emissions, industry that needs much energy for production should invest more 

households: low energy lamps, solar cells with firing, new cookers, new technology, fridge with better heat insulation, houses better isolated,
automatically switch off all electric current, when things are not used at the line automatically
(reduces 5%)

global cities: reduce some public illumination, that is not needed for example.

further important:
forests rebuilding (The amazonas area in brazil produces 20% of the global co2, and should be protected).

energy markets: renewable energy, fusion (later, already 15B> invested, not yet productive). 

2011: usa and china did reject plans to reduce co2 emissions in this area and will hopefully start this 2013-2014. EU does more at the moment
in this area. (e.g. old lamps are forbidden now, only energy saving lamps are allowed, as I already use since 2005 almost). I only use standby, if
it is really needed, else electric machines are switched off). 

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