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I am building the best global bank on the world for all people worldwide. 

An assurance will follow, when the bank is established.

Details will follow soon for you.
I will present here the benefits as a short description.
My bank will offer the following service for all companies worldwide,
as no other normal banks do offer this service for companies:
All payments to people or between companies 
Salary, bonus, pension payment of employees are paid with my bank to all people 
worldwide, that have no bank account. It is not allowed do 
this by other banks worldwide except the banks, that
offer this service already in the year 2011. As this
is important globally, my bank will get the market
leader in this area for all companies worldwide.
One goal of my bank is to do about 60 - 80% of all global 
bank transfers with or without bank accounts.
My goal is to do all bank transfers of capital 
whith my banking system during minutes of transfer time 
Furthermore I would like to outsource the part globally
for all banks, if people die and no beneficiary is existing, 
or there is a problem in this. There is existing a confidential
new concept behind.
In my company group, concerning clothes, a suit and a tie 
will never be needed, and no tie is needed. 
The clothes must just look beautiful
for others. Clothes must be nice to wear.
A t-shirt with a collar looks nice too with a sakko and a jean for example.
Depending on the global cultures, the clothes of all employees vary.
To use a tie and a shirt takes about 2-3 minues to put them on.
It looks nice, but is not finely to carry.
Using a t-shirt with a collar and a sakko has the same effect 
for example.

Clothes must be practical and look beautiful for others. 
If my company group will designed clothes, my group will design
practicable clothes for employees for example for all culture 
and people worldwide, that are finely to carry.
Normally people use better clothes for work as they
use it privately. To make clothes for example for all
cultures worldwide will be fun (and to sell them too).
This is not yet existing globally.
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Global Currency

   In 2040, when reaching this global revenue of 500B with my global company group, 
   my global bank will introduce the first and only global currency 1 WORLD, or 1 EARTH, (the name is 
   not yet fix, and will get translated in all languages for all people worldwide on all bank notes then). 
   I do not know, what name is better. A coke or a car for example costs for example 1 world or 1 earth. 
   An Ipod costs 1 earth. An Ipod costs 1 world. A prada robe costs 1 earth. A prada robe costs 1 world.
   What sounds better? 
   Earth sounds good, but world is a good name too. 
   How to do this is already done together with for example banks, for example national banks, and for example central banks, 
   for example states and for example people worldwide. 
   Why and How to do this, will be published 2-3 years before by my company. 
   After introducing the first global currency, the physical bank notes will be introduced 2-4 years later together.
   The physical bank notes could contain for example our world, and our sun system, where we are
   living. Possible symbols for the bank notes will be published and everyone worldwide can vote for symbols, and
   add symbols, and describe, why it shall be on the global currency.
   A website for the currency comes here soon.
My bank will help people with vomit problems, or where the capital goes to
a state if no inherits existing, too with a fair solution
and will outsource this business area too for banks globally for example. (Behind is
existing a new concept in this business area that is not yet published).
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