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Healthcare food - to prevent diseases:

My company will, when reaching a global revenue of at least 40B
invest 2B of the global revenue into research and development
of healthcare food during 2 years to start a global company (group division)
with the following goal:

Healthcare food will be produced by my company, that is proven
by doctors, hospital and pharma companies 
worldwide with the following goals:
The products must be really healthy and prevent 
cancer and other diseases. 
All contracts with local suppliers around the world 
will be made, successively parallel globally, and
together with the the r&d department.
Before some years, the company Nestle did start
to invest into a division, that is producing
"healthy food" worldwide. My company is supporting Nestle
in this business area, because Nestle is one
of the first companies, that is thinking about
these things, and work together with
the medical area globally in the r&d area.

These products will be sold for a good price
for all consumers worldwide. These products
will be a complete productline of everything
for people to have a healthier life.

The goal is quite simple:
If you will eat this food, you will not get
sick so often. This will be a complete product
line of nutrition products.

Then worldwide - families - will eat
this good quality food of my company.

*) These products of my company will automatically reduce 
the worldwide expenses of all health assurances
*) These products of my company will lower medical expenses
worldwide, because people will not have
to go so often to doctors, because they
are not so often sick.
*) And the most important argument:
I would like to consume these products myself, 
and this doesn't yet exist. So I will start
to make these products with my company for everybody worldwide.
*) All products of my company will be protected by global patents
that will be hold by my company
to show everybody the benefit of each product.

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Project start was during the years 2004 - 2007.

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