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Outsourcing (english).

Global Outsourcing of Software product development and maintainance is the main focus of the IT-Department of my company that is done for all company sizes. The most important thing is, that my company is talking with all people that use products to find out, what is important and needed during the project management.

My company does not work together with IT-Departments,
because IT-Departments did never outsource already
anything with my company during the years 2004 - 2011.

My company is directly outsourcing of complete projects
including Project Management, Project Planning,
Project Implemenation and long term Service together with all 
customers and for new people and customers. 
(Globally and around the world).
This means the development of complete software
products for users for all business areas of companies.

My company is managing worldwide 
Software Projects, IT-Projects, ... 
in a positive way together with the CEOs,
Topmanagement or Projectmanagers, and company
owners around the world.
All software products are developed by my company

This incudes for example the Projectmanagement, 
Development, Upgrading and Maintainance of 
for example Web, Client Server and any other
software products for your company. 
All products are offered and made on license basis for your company 
with long therm contracts as benefit for you.

Furthermore software products of any other competitor 
is replaced by new products of my company.

My company is outsourcing project and making budget
plans with the management.

Additional Services:
Direct Consulting Services, Project Management Serivces, .... .

For Large Companies (over 5B - 10B yearly global revenue)

For Medium sized Enterprises (>200M < 5B yearly global revenue)

For small Companies (<200M yearly global revenue)

For very small Companies (<50M yearly global revenue)

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