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Global patents:

My company is currently starting to apply for patents in the USA and Europe
(Global patents, technology, software, hardware).

I am not publishing here the procedere, but only can tell people,
that there will later be a fair system for all patent holders, and
all companies worldwide, that pay license fees.
The goal is to get license fees without engaging lawers, because
this will be accepted by all companies and patent holders, just
because it is a fair procedere. 

This will prevent stealing of technology or data against my company, 
that is stored in only the internal infrastructure. My company
never publishes source code of any application. My patents
will protect my technology and prevent illegal behavior against
my company and partners. (This means for example data stealing, and 
data manipulation of any data, for example breaking in into my offices 
often as for example since 2003). 
Between the 17. 5. 2011 and 08th July 2011, 
the websites of this servers have been manipulated by unathorized persons 
in different ways. The intrusion into the complete company network
started during the year 2003 and is going on.

Actual Market Situation:

Microsoft did buy > 200 M for several patents to competitors.
Companies pay Billions, pay and sell patents to limit these costs.
Sap: 300 M

Public Material concerning patents:

Heise - Article Apple Lodsys - German
Heise - Linux - German
Heise - SAP - German 
Heise - Oracle - German
Reuters - Companies buy patents too - English 
Bloomberg - A Patent Company - English 

Companies, that only hold patents, and get money from the patents (not very good): 
Intellectual Ventures

And here comes the marketing part:

I am starting a software development contest
after getting the patents. My company does 
develop everything internally. 

My company will give 5-6% of the obtained license
fees of 2 patents to and will recrute developers
for my company.

(C) by company e-soft Helbok Hermann. Projectstart was 2008, 
the first idea came years before.

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