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Reference1: --> Development of Several Marketing Strategies (Projectstart Year 2005):

My company did inform the a Telco Company in Austria, that could use 
a marketing strategy of my company. This Telco company rebranding has been 
stolen from me.
My professional marketing division did develop several Marketing Slogans:
Example: A1 - Ich habe auch Eins.
(Mobile, Phone, Washing mashine, Mars, Audi A8, BMW, Mercedes, a House, a Flat, a Coca Cola, 
a Blue Jean, etc. etc. etc. ...).
Example in English: Oh yes, I have One! Oh I have One too!
and several marketing others marketing strategies. 
The copyright of these marketing activities, belong to my company,
and are not freely available for any company worldwide.
My company is sorry, that a telco company did interpret this 
in a wrong way to work together. If you are a serious company and
are are interested in working together with my company 
(The professional marketing division), please contact me 
to discuss the benefits for your company together.
This marketing strategy can be used in the USA and all other countries 
worldwide too.
My company will be happy, to work together with companies that
would like to know more about these marketing strategies
with the professional marketing and service department of my company.

Yes, I am in the Management of a company and would like to work together with your company. As classic marketing agencies always offered offline marketing and did add internet marketing (search engine marketing) to their services, my company and search engine will found offline marketing agencies around the world, and buy later offline marketing agencies around the world, where cooperations will exist for example. My search engine is the first one, that will focus on classic marketing as a good service for companies, just because offline marketing is a good and separate addon to a search engine. I am shure, that any investor or business man is with me by making cooperations with marketing agencies for online marketing, and buying offline marketing agencies too. I will only found 1 offline marketing agency in any country worldwide, not more, that will allways cooperate with other classical marketing agencies in the specific country. This includes all activities of a normal marketing agency including rebranding for companies etc. The online marketing is a direct part to my search engine, and will always be this part.
6. July 2011: The date and time of the change is the 8th July 2011 Time: 21:45. My professional company is building a marketing agency in

Reference2: --> Project in the mobile environment:

Before some years (around 2004), I told while I did work with my company for a telco company 
as much as possible, that there was not existing a good and nice mobile
phone with a really nice and good interface.

Furthermore I did tell other people too, that there is no very good phone
with a niced gui and a nice design for all endusers. 
Some years later, the iphone did appear. I told people at the telco
company, that I would not like to make a phone by my own, just only
because I don't have the ressources. 
I know people that use ideas, marketing concepts and other
things of people and do big business. As written in the company
compliants, this is not a very ethic way, how to do business.

So, when my company is big, I will maybe produce a phone for 
people too. 

The market situation is at the moment (year 2011) the following:
Google did start to produce mobiles, and apple did bring before 
phones on the market, and are getting billions of USD with this.
People of google are sitting in the Top Management of Apple, and
work together. 
Nokia is at the moment loosing market shares in these areas.

I did never contact Google or Apple concerning this 
marketing strategy, they are competitors of my company.
I will never work together with Google, but could work
together with apple. Apple and google did steal these
products from me (IPhone and IPAD).

Reference3: --> Change based on my company compliants:

The following strategy comes directly from my company during the 
last 3-4 years (before 2012):
As I am building a big global company group, I will do the following
always as companies did never act like this until now:
Google, Microsoft (for online user data) will now let the user decide,
what should be done with their data. A user furthermore can decide 
how his data shall get used. A first contract based step is done by
Barack Obama now, that is supported by me with this point, 
as this is a good step in the right direction. 

As I am building the biggest company group, for me this means:
IT-Area: The rights for the personal data, that are entered into a software 
for example or are given to a company, belong to the person that is entering this.
The rights of data created of people in companies belong to the company
where the person works.
This includes emails for example too, as for example if I write
an email to a person, i have the rights on it. If the person replies,
the person has the rights on his part.
The person shall have the right to decide, how the data can
be used. People must have the right to immideately let companies
delete their data for orders for example. 

The first reference, that will improve the working behavior of

Jeans new types - Stolem from my company:

To produce Jeans like they would be weared (white). And to sell
jeans that look, as people already did use them. Stolen by
trade companies. Furthermore it was stolen from companies,
to produce jeans, that have holes and parts attached.

Stolem from my company by Google:

Google did steal my search engine. Google did steal the +1
Button from me. Google did steal furthermore the aquisition
of Motorola together with other companies and people from me.
Google steals directly data from companies and stole my data 

Stolem from my company by Microsoft:

The following windows desktop functions have been stolen
by Microsoft from me, integrated into Windows 8:
1. To close a program by dragging it to the bottom of the screen.
2. Create programs without windows completely in fullscreen.
3. To search programs with the search box is from me, and
	has been stolen by Microsoft from me.
3. Microsoft should create the new windows 8 surface desktop 
	with the normat start menu for PCs as windows 7 and companies.
	This desktop is not well integrated. This will be
	too stolen from me.

Microsoft steals directly data from me over Internet Connection.
Microsoft does since years reputation damage against my company.

Stolem from my company by OEBB and the austrian state:

The complete Westbahn Company and how to build these
companies. I will build these companies, they will 
soon not exist anymore. 

Stolem from my company by Schlecker:

To create a new company with a new name in Austria and 
to build it with this new name. This has been stolen
by the company from me together with third persons.

Stolem from my company by Mc Donalds:

Mc Donalds did steal the Ranch burger from me. 
This is from me, including the asiatic sauce
and the complete data.

Stolem from my company by construction Companies from me:

Energy efficient Houses, that dont need energy. 

Bikes - Stolen from my company:

To create bikes with batteries and energy reloading systems (not the motorbikes!).
Creating a prevention system for bikes by integrating gps senders.

Companies aquisition - Stolen from my company:

To buy the Company Heinz and a Transport company by Warren B. From me
and stolen from me.

Microsoft - Stolen from my company:

To create a patent and license agreement with linux and create more
revenue. To create a better integration with Microsoft 
Systems. This brings Microsoft Billions every year, and this has been
stolen by me by Microsoft. Microsoft is stealing data 
from customers over the internet connection.

Sales of Bank Austria and Unicredit Group:

The Bank Austria has been bought by the HVB bank, and then 
by the Unicredit Group Bank. This has been stolen from me
by the bank itself and third companies. They did realize
this. Furthermore the bank is and did steal data me
over the internet connection. This company does too
reputation damage against my company since years.

Post Austria:

The Creation of a automated post box is from me and has been stolen
from me by the Post Austria and the Austrian State.
The integration of the Bank of the Allianz Group and to 
do service together. This has been stolen by the Austrian
State and the Post from me. Reputation Damage too against
my company.

Austrian State:

The Wirtschaftskammer and the APA did steal data from my
company over the internet connection very often. 
Furthermore The austrian State does reputation
damage including people in Austria against my company.
All break ins have been made too by companies, the state too.
Reputation Damage too against my company including illegal
activities against my company. Furthermore Companies
and the Austrian State are stealing all my company data.
Furthermore many break ins are done too illegaly.
Furthermore the Austrian state is doing very corrupt
and illegal things against my company since over 20 years.

Stealing of data over the internet:

US Companies are stealing data in many cases from
my company since years. Detailed logs are already
existing. Furthermore these companies did change
data from me in many cases. This is done by hacking
into my company infrastructure and by breaking in
several times into my company office.

Google - Search Engine - Stolen:

Stolen from me at the university in Innsbruck + Vienna 
1990 - 1994.
Google will not exist anymore, because the US University
did steal my search engine these 2 students, a russian
student and an american student. My idea was and is 
to make a simple search engine. I did work on this during
my time at the university in vienna already and 
at the University in Innsbruck, everything was
already finished by myself.

Creation of a knowledge network - Stolen:

Stolen from me at the university in Vienna. 
This was the start of connecting globally all
universities with a knowledge network. I did talk
about this at the university of vienna. This has
been stolen 1990-1994 by me. 
This was, how the internet did start. Stolen
by Universities and telco companies from me.

Pension system change - Stolem from my company by the State:

To calculate pensions according average yearly income of people 
during their worktime. Stolen by the EU and States from me.

Swarovski - Nice figures - Stolen:

Stolen by persons. I had this idea as a child. Swarovski
did make it. Stolen from me.

Mobile Phones and Technology - Stolen:

To create mobile devices as normal phones not with
satellites, but with transmitting stations on the
earth is from me. This has been stolen too from
me. This has been stolen by telcos around the world
from me. I did invent and plan this before mobile phones
and telecommunication providers did create mobiles, and
mobiles did exist anywhere.

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