Version 1.1 - This document is starting, but you can already get the exclusive benefits.

: Capital transfer:

You transfer the capital of between 13 and 14 Mil British Pounds to my bank account by contacting me. This is the only way to contact me. Please enter your personal invitation id as bank transfer detail data. Furthermore please add your email address too into the bank details. I will contact you with this email address. You will get further details with 1 email after transferring the capital. Please send an email to [email protected], after you did transfer the capital by bank transfer. If the reference is too long for the transfer, please just add the first part of the reference.


You and me must keep everything confidential, as my company does it too.

Your benefits?

1. You can get an invitation to something genious.
2. You can spend 4 - 6 days with me.
3. A person between 18 and 28 years can come with you.
4. You have these days partly as time for holidays.

What is, if the contract is not signed?

The time for me as decision maker is 2 weeks for preparation for every event and invitation. This costs 7 Mil British Pounds for my time and work. If the contract is not fulfilled, or you or I will not to finalize this, you get the rest of the capital 7-8 Mil British Pounds of the capital back with bank transfer.

When will the contracts signed?

There will be negotiations too and fun for you during the days. You can negotiate with me as decision maker.

What is this genious thing?

You can get invited after the meeting or not. It is my decision, if you are invited or not. This is a Bonus. What is this?


The reservation price is sent to you.


Everything is done with invoices.

Bank Data:

Beneficiary: Mr. Hermann Helbok Bank Name: DKB (Deutsche Kreditbank AG) Bankleitzahl: 12030000 Bank account number: 1006174609 IBAN: DE93120300001006174609 BIC: BYLADEM1001

Hermann Helbok as decision maker is offering you now something. If you would like to send me an email, please include the reference too. Yes I want get information, here are my data to proceed with the payment:

Your Name