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Details will follow during the next 2 months, my company will publish 
15 minutes per day parts by parts.

My company is contacting and making negotionations 
directly together with managers, company owners, people,
states, politicans etc., and offers time and ressources
for this country in parallel with the global company group growth
of my company with offices around the world.
My company may get invited to the peace and future negotiations together 
with people, in parallel with the worldwide company growth of my company group.

Goal of my company: A stable and peaceful long term and FAIR solution for the people 
and the country including the economy and companies and a longterm 
peaseful time. The war shall be ended without shooting from 1th September 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some results of conference of 1st september 2011 contain data from conversation 
of my company, that will be published, if it is not confidential. My company did send
several mails to governments to italy, forwarded to france with some
proposals. Unfortunately, my company has once not been invited to the
negotiations in France again, and my company did already propose 
peace negotiations. 

(C) by company e-soft Helbok Hermann.

Country ressources

1. September 2011

Resources - Oil:
The oil ressources belong to Lybia. France is acting according my concept. FRANCE HAS NO
RIGHT TO GET 30% OF THE OIL RESERVCES IN THE FUTURE, the ressources belong to lybia. 
France tries with this action to get too much profit from the actual situation. Lybia has at the moment invested
capital of 150B or more worldwide in different companies, fonds etc. .

Lybia shall decide itself together with the countries, that
are interested in buying ressources, where the country shall sell the ressources. 
France, Italy or any other country shall get offer, and Lybia may decide together
with the countris where to sell its ressources (normal economy). 
This is only a pissible variant to rebuild the country. 
(There was an appointment already 2 days before 1st september 2011 with the chief of ENI
with the National Oil Company of Lybia to restart the oil production, and repair
the damage).

(C) by company e-soft Helbok Hermann.


5th September 2011:
My company is offering peace solution as follows:

The rebels are moving to a city, where old governments
soldiers are. My company is offering NOW to make a mobile
conference between 10:00 and 12:00 CET with all conflict
parties to discuss a peace now, and to reach this goal (peace)

6th September 2011:
Bani Walid negotiations have been succesful (peaceful solution).

7th September 2011:
Orf Article
Soldiers of the lybian rebel government are hunting Tuareg people.
This is not serious, and really a bad development of the situation!
End october 2011:
Muammar al-Gaddafi is dead now, and has been killed during the war
by rebels / nato fights. Persons have been executed by 
rebels too. The country has oil value of about 200B (only invested
capital during the last decades). 
Now it is the chance for the people to try to work together.
As I did see the photo of the rebel that claimed to kill the
dictator, to this I can say, people that kill other people go to 
jail for years. This guy is really a poor guy.

Now as the un chief did say, it the chance for people 
in lybia to learn again to work together and to end this war, but
it depends on the further development of the situation in
this country. In egypt, the person has not been killed.

31th October 2011:
The nato declared before some days that the war has been stopped now from 
this company too. Today the official message did come as a positive message.

Possible solution for Killed people and their families

1. Civilists (estimated amount of killed persons: 50.000):

A possible solution or proposal, that never has been done by
countries, and people, that are involved in these scenarios:

To compensate the families, where persons have been killed (civilists). 
To compensate families, where the
existense has been damaged, if 100.000 EUR / family may get paid
and would cost 5B EUR as an example. This may help to rebuild their existence.
This is only a possible variant, but must get decided by people 
that are rebuilding this country and the economy.
It is maybe hard to get a list of people, and the names possible.

Rebuilding infrastructure, houses, hospitals etc. will cost much more.

Possible solution for injured people and their families

Furthermore capital is needed for civilists, that have been
injured and abused during the war. These people should 
get a compensation too according the damage (assurances have
detailed data, this can be done according to these company

A good solution for peace

The "House of peace" in lybia as a good 
example and proposal. (This is just an idea
to work together). 

I would like to fly to the capital of
tripolis, if the conflict parties decide 
together with my company 
to build a "peace house". I may put the
first brick there on a place in the capital
of this country.
A proposal is to write on all bricks the
names of all killed people during this 
civil war including all soldiers
and if known the birth date of all persons. The conflict parties 
themselves will build the building during 1-2 years for 
No building companies must be involved.
The message would be simple: 
We (=the conflict parties) have been at war and 
now we are building this house together and
we can work together in a positive way by 
building this house and we are writing all 
the names of all killed / injured people 
on all bricks of the house to respect them. 

Rebuilding infrastructure

First a plan is needed to see exactly, 
what has been damaged in the country during this war, 
and what not (Companies, Buildings, Infrastructure etc).
This includes a list of all killed people too.
Then a budget plan can get worked out, and a plan, what
is rebuild when, and how much it costs with detailed 
Frozen capital shall get only paid back, if the plan
is existing, and a guarantee must be given by people, 
that the capital is only used according this plan. 
Furthermore, somebody independant shall 
check, that all capital is used according the worked
out budget plan.
The preferred and only solution is, that my company is managing
all funds, and my growing bank will organize everything.
This means, that all funds are transferred to my bank, that
will grow, and my bank is controlled by people from lybia for 
example and the funds are 
used for this country according the budget plans. 
Furhtermre, my bank will publish
all fund details on the banks website for everyone, 
and all payments will be published (=fair for everyone,
and no capital can go to not authorized people
because the complete usage is published by my global bank).
This means too, that all funds that may be 
taken by persons to get rich in a illegal behavior, that may be taken by persons
shall be documented, and transferred to my bank too. 

My proposal (one proposal) how peace and a good working together are obtained in Lybia.

Possible solution for soldiers

Who is guilty?

The facts are: The old government did
invest Billions of capital in the whole world, this
is ok, but the government did not very much 
in the country lybia, and people did use
capital for themselves. 
Investing is always a benefit for a country company etc., because
the investments are coming back too later (dividends, etc. ).
Furthermore, people did not tolerate methods of the government.

Shooting civilists is never a solution.
Arming civilists and beginning a war is never
a solution.
Code Of Ethics of my company
The actual damages in lybia are hundrets of billions
or more. Damage has been made by rebels, the old government
and the nato (buildings, killing people, destroying infrastructure).
Rebels did kill the government and execute and kill the dictator gaddaffi 
and many people of the old government end of october 2011 (not very good).
Furthermore unfortunately, it has been reported by amnesty international, 
that rebels and the old government did torture people. 

Involved Parties

Old Government Lybia National Bank, Many companies Nato + USA Uno Rebels Civilists Companies in Lybia (destroyed during war) People, that had to leave the country during war Lybian ecomony African countries + Arabic world

Old Government




CIA eventually did support a regime, that did 
work and fire against rebels. CIA did not try
to end the war in Lybia, that did torture and kill
opponents, soldiers etc. .

United nations

My company did inform the united nations already, and thinks, that Mr. Ban Ki Moon from Korea could
be a good person to help because of his engagement and his knowledge for peace during the last years, 
to help to work out a good plan to guarantee peace and help the country and the people with humanitary
plans. My company is interested to work together with the united nations too.

Some information to his person as general secretary of the UN: 
 Mr. Ban Ki Moon - UN
UN Website

Companies in Lybia

People + Civilists

Lybian ecomony

Future possible government solutions

Government types

Possible economic plans

Lybia has now the possibility to always have a positive
budget, that can get paid by the oil ressources, and 
frozen capital from Lybia. 


The education system and schools has been restricted in various ways 
under the old government (Other countries do limit global
information too because of different reasons).
Teachers and personal shall get a fair compensation for their work,
as knowledge is the capital for companies and people. People are
thinking about these changes now as benefit for people, companies
and the country.

My company fees for this, and what shall be done if funded

Important: Illegal espionage is done against my company, including breaking into
my office and health damage and data manipulation on this server and my complete
company infrastructure (Years 2002 - 2011) 
+ fraud + korruption of lawyers and reputation
damage in austria because of doctors and many other
companies (involved in fraud too) against my company (Years 2001 - 2004).
People are probably paid for these industrial espionage and illegal actions including
the neighbours of the office, and several companies are directly illegaly
involved in this industry espiionage against my company.

My company shall get on the funding side a part of capital, and this will go
to Lybia for the rebuilding of the country. Details will follow, when everything has been published, how the
capital is used. My company will itself only use a part for the charity foundation and
my company growth, and publish everything on the website public 
and transparent for everyone, what will be done with funds, if given to my company. 
My company will help lybia with these funds (the biggest part, details
are published, when everything has been published).
My company shall get invited into the peace and future negotiations. 

My bank is able and should 
manage all global Investment and Capital 
with my global bank, that is founded, 
including all frozen and invested
global capital and company shares worldwide
to help with this step to guarantee 
long term and peaceful time in lybia.
I will only act as independant company.

Donate for Lybia.
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Start: 1th September 2011
Update 1: 3th September 2011 further details
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Update 3: 5th September 2011 further details

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